Cloud Based
Open Source
ERP for Educational Institutes

Open Source Online Cloud Based Educational Management System for University, College & Schools. School management software, Is an innovative, collaborative software for modern Schools to automate every activity happening In their Institution, useful for school owners, school employees, parents students, and everyone.


Our Education ERP Software is Designed to Manage the Daily Operations of Educational Institutions Efficiently and Effectively.

Track student progress and support enhanced learning opportunities. Our solution helps you to track the progress of your students, manage organization efficiently, and supplies a better education with an easy to use interface.









Parent Login

Keeping You Well Organized

Flexible Fees Structure

Provide parents with various fee structures, customized reports and receipts in an easy-to-use format.

Online Fees Collection

Educational institutions like universities and colleges collect any type of online fees such as annual, examination and tuition fee.

Automated Reminders

Check the fee report and notify students/parents of pending fees via sms/email.

Dynamic Forms and Flow

User-friendly platform to create and share admission forms. It gives freedom of design, flexibility and control to users.

Student Portal

The Student Portal gives quick, easy access for class schedules, enrollment status and course information.

Built-in Course Authoring

Easy-to-use and comprehensive course builder helps to create online courses.

Gradebook and Gradebook Calculations

Allow teachers to get the most out of their grading policy, and prevents repetitive tasks.

Parent Portal

Help parents to monitor student’s daily activities & progress through the web and with mobile apps.