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Education Management System

Education is the most critical segment out of different segments of a social foundation. The most significant cause for EMS is challenging in implementing a education management system is that software does not always meet the demands and conditions of the organization. The EMS has always faced precise tasks that the system is expected to fulfill and the problems occur when expectations are not fulfilled. That is why it is important to select a system that satisfied your expectation. EMS need to plan the whole work properly and execute it sufficiently.

Automate Everything
Problem faced without the Education Management

Paper-Based Process

Education Management systems have a burden of paperwork & manual processes, it is difficult to maintain the records on admission, attendance, fees, timetable, transport, etc., and takes a lot of time.

Online Registration

Registration of the student becomes a large and messy process for the school. while a lot of schools have to face the problems like having to be physically present for registration and fee collection.

Timetable Management

Every institution has limited time for their particular classes so it needs to be managed with proper planning & time management. Time table including a timetable for students as well as for the employee.

Academic Activities

Institutions are not able to manage information related to academic activities like class and section, subject, syllabus, lesson planning, assignment and notes, classwork and homework, certificate, circulars, etc which affect the expansion and effective flow of a process.

Employee Management

In employee management, the school has to manage the data of different employees according to the requirement of the workplace. The school has to recruit and select the employee on the bases of their need. They have utilization of objectives and skills of the workforce.

Admission and Enrollment

The Admission / Enrollment Process involves activities like creating and developing forms, providing those forms to the students, selecting the students according to school policy, collecting payment of fees, etc. Results may affect the process of cost and time.

Student Management

In school, the teacher is struggling for handling students’ activities including attendance, timetable, scholarship, classwork and homework, assignment, leave, etc. the school does not have appropriate and effective student data.

Finance Management

Finance management involves activities like account & fee management, financial reports, etc. The most important feature of finance management is fee collection. If the school does not have proper information then it will not exist for long periods.

Classroom Management

Class management means the total no of a class names, codes, and departments in the school, it also shows the strength of the particular class. a teacher has to manage the different subjects in class it is difficult to manage the classroom data for the school.

All In One EMS Software

Digitizing scholastic institutions to survive in this Internet era with a myriad
of benefits to excel in academics as well as management.

Cloud Computing

There is no need to install any kind of software on client machines our EMS can be accessed from anywhere through Internet.

User Friendly

Just about anyone with working knowledge of computers will be able to handle EMS. The whole software is based on simplicity itself.

Mobile Application

EMS has been developed mobile apps for Teacher and Parents. Parents can get realtime notifications and update by teachers on all matters.

Key Features
Modules to Automate Educationi Management

Student Information


Exam Management

School Accounting


Online Examination

School Bus
Management System

Library Management

E-Lab & Simulations


Multi School

Student Attendance